I’d never understood the mothers who cry on their children’s first day at school. That is until today, when my little man headed off into the big, bad world for his first day of Junior Infants.

Clutching his Generator Rex lunch bag & dressed in his brand new, too big, uniform & brand new, too clean shoes, it was impossible not to well up at his little face, screwed up in annoyance at being woken so early & wondering what all the fuss was about.

I surprised myself by not crying after all, welling up, yes, but no tears were shed, perhaps because I entrusted hubby with the task of walking him into the school & then leaving him (abandoning him) in a room full of strangers for the morning.

After I anxiously spent the morning wondering what my little boy thought of it all & made the worried phone call to hubby to see how the day went, Aaron announced that he liked school, ate a little bit of all of his lunch & was going back again tomorrow.

We took him to McDonalds to celebrate his first day & thus a milestone day ended ……..