Inspired by the 3 days of not awful weather last week & our impending weekend of (almost) camping ahead, I realised that although I have plenty of plastic cups for taking outside & throwing around as kids do, I had no plastic jug.  I ended up making drinks in my good Pyrex measuring jug, then watching fearfully as it wobbled on the patio table but thankfully survived.

I spotted this lovely colourful Next jug in a magazine, a little on the expensive side for a plastic jug, especially since it was for the kids drinks (it would be perfect for a batch of cocktails!) but thought it would be worth a look anyway.

Unfortunately my nearest branch of Next home didn’t have it in stock so off I went in search of a replacement.

Found this in the sale section of Heatons – €4 with a lid – perfect! There was only 1 left but at €4, I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for another one.

Now all I need is a set of matching glasses!